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Innovation in Donation

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Innovation in Donation

Common Pence is a donation platform utilising Contactless Credit Cards and NFC Smart Phones. Our concept combines contemporary design with modern technology to revolutionise fundraising.

Why oh why?


Traditionally, our desire to donate has been accomplished with cash. However, as our research and open source trends suggest the demand for cash is fading. Polar opposite to this is the collosal growth in contactless payment.


In a world restricted by time and unrestricted by technology, it is our aim to ensure that giving is effortless. Tap, whack, wave or flick your device on our panels to donate change to a great cause. Common Pence is an offline crowd-funding platform. It is our ambition for tactile generosity to become habitual.


As well as charities we are keen to assist creative ventures and adventures. From Museums to startups, we want to help fund those preserving and those making history. The convenience of tapping plastic really is fantastic!

Colour like no Other

We are continuouslly improving our platform. Aesthetically, we have updated our fixed panels with a flash of colour. Ongoing material tests ensure we optimise our interface which in turn improves the entire user experience.

High £5

Looking ahead we are keenly developing our handheld panel which we hope will help us wave goodbye to stale street-fundraising and say howdy to hassle-free crowd-funding. This panel will change the way we give change.

Data Overview.

Given the simplicty and speed of contactless interaction there is plenty of evidence suggesting that Common Pence will increase the velocity of money. Thus, the overall amount we donate is highly likely to increase.

contactless transactions occur every second

was spent in 2014 using contactless cards in the UK

is the average amount spent using contactless

increase in contactless expendtiture over 2014


3D Glee

We use the latest fabrication tools to build and improve our panels. We take glee from our rapid 3D printing process and we are constantly testing new tools to optimise our manufacturing process.

How does it all work?


It begins with collaboration. Share your fundraising objectives, excitement and ideas with us so we can crack on!


Once we establish how and when you wish to utilise our platform we customise our panels to fit your campaign. Using the latest 2 and 3D applications your visual identity is applied to add the fourth dimension.


We then install, maintain and configure each panel so you can begin accepting donations as soon as possible. Our technology is the best and it does the rest.


It doesn't stop there! We provide you with a data management package. Unlike cash, which has no metric, our platform enables you to map donation patterns and hotspots. That's a tap!

Our Process


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Pilot tests have been very successful. Get in touch to launch your campaign with Common Pence!

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